Version 0.8.6

Today's weekly update contains some additional graphics improvements. The triggers, exit and water now cast a glowing light to nearby floors and walls, tinting them slightly with their color. Just like the recent shading changes, this change is subtle, but it adds another layer of polish to the game. Tomorrow I will post a description of the algorithm that I used to achieve this effect. Some small glitches were also fixed and some other minor improvements were made (look closely at the Mister Tins logo in the title sequence and you will find one).

This release also adds preliminary, pre-alpha support for sounds. Some important sounds were implemented, including walking, pushing boxes, opening/closing doors and rewinding time. A lot more need to be added and these probably need to be improved as well, but it's the first version of the game which is not completely mute, so at least it's a start. Hopefully there will be no issues, but as I said, this is still a pre-alpha feature.

Last but not least, the front page of Mister Tins website was also slightly redesigned, starting from the animated logo, and ending with adding some screenshots (the glow effect is nicely visible on the first one), share buttons and a large download button which hopefully will make it more apparent that you can already download the demo beta version of the game for free.

Speaking of which, some people reported to me that the game doesn't detect that a new version is published, even though it apparently checks for a newer version. The reason is simple - the game will only tell you about future stable versions; for now each version is considered "beta", so the auto-update feature doesn't work yet.

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