Mister Tins available for sale

Mister Tins is now officially available for sale! To activate the full version of the game, you need to register an account on mistertins.com and enter your premium code. You can buy the premium code for just $6.99 using secure FastSpring payments with a credit card, PayPal or money transfer. Note that you can still download the game for free and try the first 5 levels before buying the full version. Once you purchase the game, you will have access to all its future versions, even if the price increases. For more information see Buy Mister Tins.

The second release candidate of the game - version 0.9.2 - was also released today. It fixes some minor sound glitches and improves some textures. Before version 1.0 is officially released, we're looking forward to hearing your feedback; you can use the official Mister Tins forum to report problems and suggest improvements.

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