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Mister Tins

The official website of Mister Tins, the first game developed by MiMec Games, is now online. Mister Tins is a top-down 3D action/puzzle game, currently in an early stage of development. Soon I will post more news about it. The first screenshot from the game is available on the website; I'm also publishing it here for future reference:

Mister Tins

This is definitely not the final look of the game; all the textures were drawn by me just to have something that works. I'm currently looking for a graphic artist to join the team and collaborate in the project. However, I think that it gives the general idea of the 3D top-down view and sort of industrial atmosphere of the game. Soon I will publish the first video trailer of the game, for an ever better preview of what I'm planning to do.

The name "tins" is an acronym of "this is not Sokoban". Obviously Mister Tins is inspired by the famous classic game from 1982, but it adds another dimension to it, literally and figuratively. Besides, the main character of the game looks a little bit as if he was made of tin, so I think that the name suits him very well.

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Breaking Indie

Welcome to the blog of MiMec Games, an indie game development group founded by Michał Męciński. This site is currently under construction, but soon you will be able to find all news and information related to the development of games. Since this is the first post, I'll start with some information about myself.

Recently I've been diagnosed with an advanced stage of a long and healthy life, and this made me seriously worried. I realized that I don't want to spend the rest of this life working as a code monkey. While I'm new to the business, I have a lot of experience with coo... ehm... coding. Aside from my day job, I've been involved in various open source projects for about nine years. You can find more information on my personal blog.

I started writing my fist game when I was about 12, and as a teenager I always had a special notebook scribbled with various designs and ideas. I can't count every game I played, from early Amiga classics (yes, I'm THAT old) to the latest AAA and indie games. In a way I was doomed to become an indie game developer, although it took some time. Anyway, the first game will soon be ready for the first public preview, so stay tuned.

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