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Version 0.8.4

This week's release fixes a bug in version 0.8.3 which prevented the game from working with DirectX 10.x compatible graphics cards.

I also made a few optimizations which significantly reduce the amount memory when playing really large levels of 128x128 or even 256x256 blocks. Where can you get such large levels? Well, I'm just working on some experimental level generators, but for now it's a big secret :).

Finally, there is a first draft of animated textures for gears in the floors and in doors. Many textures will be undergoing some changes, so this is still work in progress.

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Version 0.8.3

In the third beta version of Mister Tins your results are automatically synchronized with the server (unless you're playing in demo or offline mode). It means that you don't have to worry that your progress will be lost, for example when you move to a different computer.

You already completed the 30 levels that come with Mister Tins? You can now download custom level packs created by other players from the Level Packs online directory. You can submit your rating and comments. Also you can now compete with other players for highest score in each level pack.

You created some interesting, funny or challenging levels in the Sandbox mode? Share them with other players! Upload them to the Level Packs directory and watch other players try to beat your best scores.

Version 0.8.3 also improves the rewinding time feature based on your feedback. You can now rewind time up to ten seconds, not five, and when you fall down or drown, you still have some time to activate the rewinding so that you don't have to start all over.

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Version 0.8.2

The second beta version of Mister Tins adds support for a wide range of older graphics cards compatible with DirectX 10. Examples of supported GPUs are listed on the right side of the download page. Also the installer now checks if the operating system is Windows 7 or above, and displays an error message when trying to install the game on an unsupported version of Windows.

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Version 0.8.1

The first beta version of Mister Tins has just been released! You can download it for free from and play the first five levels in demo mode. The full version has 30 levels and requires registering an account on and entering a premium code. Codes are not available for sale yet. However, if you want to become a beta tester or if you want to publish an article or video about Mister Tins, please contact me via email and I will be happy to give you a premium code. The game will be officially available for sale around spring 2014.

Here's the latest trailer of Mister Tins:

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